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Tourism is growing once more after an uncomfortable lull for everyone in the hotel market. Hotel funding was attacked hard by the economic crisis. Owners of motels, inns and hotels have actually had a more challenging time securing industrial bank loans than numerous other trades.

High operation costs make access to funding important to the success of a hotel. Combined with pressure to continuously evolve and upgrade services, hotels are perfect candidates for funding with a Merchant Cash advance.Consider your Future Sales as property. Unlike a bank loan, with a hotel cash advance, your future credit card sales and bank transactions can be leveraged to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding. How you spend the Advance is up to you.

The appeal of a hotel cash advance is that you can use the cash you receive in any area of your business. Below are a few examples of how hotels have actually put iAdvance´s funding to great use:

• Upgrading equipment
• Remodeling your interior and re-decorating rooms.Staying up to date with high-tech features, from medical spas and gyms, to essentials like brand-new, Wi-Fi enabled T.V. sets.
• Launching ad campaigns or redesigning your website.
• Taking advantage of franchising opportunities.

The application procedure for a hotel cash advance is basic and uncomplicated. Since we concentrate more on the strength of your company than the strength of your individual credit rating,we have very high approval rates and can authorize some hotel owners in simply 24 hours.Contact us today and begin the process; you´ll uncover a whole new way to give your business a competitive edge.

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“The process was very simple & straight forward. Greg at i Advance Now was able to get me great terms and close quickly. I used the capital to buy a new cooler that I desperately needed to operate my business.”

Ali Rahimi
Owner at Ariana Restaurant

“This is my third time getting a loan with iAdvanceNow. There is no one better in the banking industry to go with for quick approval and a seamless transaction.”

Erik Relinhox
Owner, Chupka's Cafe

“Jerry from iAdvanceNow has been a pleasure to work with. He guided me through the short process and I closed quickly and repaid the loan quickly as well.”

CJ Harris
Owner of CJ Construction
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